Thursday, December 30, 2010

Have preschooler AND baby, will run!

Hi everyone!! Happy almost 2011!!! Fresh new year, fresh new start - I can't wait to tackle so many new and exciting challenges about to come our way this year. For one, I'd love to get this blog up and RUNNING again, just as I'd like to get myself up and running again. Quick update: my son turned 3 in July and I gave birth to baby boy #2 on August 26. My last real run was the Rutgers Half in April, which I did when I was about 5 months pregnant. Slow and steady but it felt great. Took me about 2 1/2 hours or so. Baby didn't come out with any problems so I think I've finally convinced myself that the fetus is well cushioned in there and for the most part physical activity is okay and even good for you when you're pregnant - as long as mommy feels good doing it!

Rutgers Half Marathon photos

Me congratulating the baby bump on completing a half marathon!

Although you're always going to have skeptics/disbelievers/haters - can't tell you how many evil eyes I got from people when I would go on runs through the park while visibly pregnant... and don't get me started on the comments from people in the gym! Even my father-in-law took issue with me running during my pregnancy and had a few things to say about it. Mommy instincts haven't steered me wrong yet - so I ran as long as my energy held out. And I'm glad I did. But that brings me to now - four months post delivery date. The excuse at this point is of course lack of sleep... I've been back to work now since the week after Thanksgiving. Getting up early enough to preempt the boys waking up in order to give me enough time to get ready for work, then getting them up and ready to go and all three of us getting out the door before 8 has all been a bit draining for sure! Plus I'm still nursing and without getting too graphic let's just say that running and nursing do not a great mix make. So that's been a deterrent as well.

But like I said, fresh new year, fresh new start - I am hoping to get back into the working out game slowly but surely in January - even if it's just some step and/or toning classes a couple times a week to help me jump start my energy and motivation... I loaned someone my
Insanity DVDs which I hafta get back and actually view/use... and then hopefully by spring I'll be running again and I'll have lots of content for this blog again!

Enough about me - I'm off to read up on all you guys and see what you've been up to... I'm seeking motivation!! I know you guys won't let me down.
Happy new year everyone!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Whole lotta shakin goin on...

Hello all (whoever "all" may be) - I've been MIA for several months, preoccupied with crazy life things from ordinary like the holidays to out of the ordinary like taking care of an extremely sick husband for a few weeks (who's all better now). I hope to come back soon and update you on my running exploits as I train for the Rutgers Half Marathon in April (I really need to get started on that, wouldn't you say??). If all goes well I'll be about five months pregnant at that time, so it will be a new experience for me. Typically I can do a 2-hour half marathon with my eyes closed, but not only have I been sidelined due to extreme bouts of "morning" sickness and fatigue, but I just haven't been making the time. So I look forward to any and all comments and support, getting back to reading about you guys and getting caught up on what you've all been up to. :-)

Screw the groundhog - I am banking on an early spring!!